Navy Blue.

Another fire video. He’s got this real Christ-like spirit. Like the Scorcese movie depiction of Christ. Grapples with his demons. So pure but so human. Lover of his people, fighting different battles for freedom, whose own gods are Martin, Malcolm, Huey Newton, Jason Dill, Toni Morrison, Angela Davis, Gil Scott, many more and most of all his family. Plus whatever God he worships. idk i’m high but that is a good movie and Navy Blue is a really good rapper. He’s also a pro skater and model who rides for Supreme & Fucking Awesome, real name Sage Elsesser.

Watch the video here.

Last year’s video for Higher Self was the first time he’d really given a face to the Navy Blue name and put his stuff on streaming services. The video is some urban photography, Navy delivering his sermon in a stoic trance as he bathes in the sun, then tearing through the bustle of the city with purpose. He’s got plenty of older stuff on Soundcloud and the sincerity, spirit and glorious production of his new stuff is all there.

Navy the Spiritual.

His album Àdá Irin came out in February and is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates Earl at his most earnest. Navy was the sole feature on Some Rap Songs and he continues to rap with near unprecedented vulnerability, baring his soul as he confronts grief and depression over chopped-up jazz samples. Usually over soft scatterings of drums, the lyricism is at times straight-forward but punchy and other times poetic and mystical. He was also blessed with a feature from one of the wise masters Ka, who delivers a show-stopper on In Good Hands.

It’s said the common thread with our enemies

Is we was all men in need with no amenities

Couldn’t sit in peace, we each hit the streets for remedies

Through the hatred accumulate a hundred arms we was centipedes


The Pitchfork review was good. Here’s a link to the Supreme Blessed video lol.

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