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So in sharing in the monumental splendour of my last share in a while, everyone smash a Dog Scraps share in salute of a page well shared so I can go back to sharing posts about baboons and shit. It’s easy to think things are all bad with recent events but i’m actually really stoked on life at the moment so thank you to everyone showing love and reading and listening. Life was never worse but never better, to use the immortal words of Taylor Swift. Much more cool shit to come, merch coming soon. spoken to a few people who gave praise but i ain’t see their names in the notifications. if you enjoy, smash that likey like it’s a bomb drop button. we don’t need to be friends. it warms my cold, palpitating heart.* olivia newton john vibes.

Just cause I’m up,** some writing lessons that have stuck with me:
➽ My Year 4 teacher Mr Dufficy strongly penalised the overuse of words like ‘good’ and ‘nice’, encouraging us to look for a better, more suitable word.
➽ My high-school English teacher Mr Rob Wharton really kicked off my appreciation of words, particularly his teaching of 1984, which emphasised how our words are our thoughts and our vocabulary is our toolkit for expressing ourself internally and externally. He is such a unique man. Pensive lover of many things – hiking, rugby and most of all literature – and I think it was who he was that made his love of words influence me so much.**
➽ Grammarly – which I grew to find annoying – always told me when I was overusing a word in a paper, which is good advice. Especially if it’s more than once in a sentence, for clarity sake. It’s always best to trim your words as much as you can; make sure you’re not repeating yourself unintentionally (ironically, i’ve realised this literally says the same piece of unnecessary piece of information but i’ll keep it lol). Question every word and phrase. Don’t explain something if it’s already evident. Words are fun, endless and glorious***.
➽ This is something I appreciated in rapping before I did writing. Earl warned of being a victim of overwriting. “You can hear when it switches from the heart to the head.”
➽ Cliche is the ultimate enemy. Write about anything but what everyone else is writing about. Avoid the first thing that comes to your brain if you’ve heard it before.
➽ It’s a stylistic choice but I always like to keep it conversational, writing in a way that wouldn’t feel weird saying it to friends. Ya can’t really do it wrong! Just speak ya mind in a way you think sounds good.
➽ Humility is generally good but self-deprecation can just be an excuse for narcissism sometimes. It’s only worth it if it’s funny but that precedes it being self-deprecating.
➽ Say dumb shit sometimes if you have to. I think having to weave my usual bullshit into semi important posts in the Year 12 group, which was a wild west of shit talking. Likewise with shit-posting in events to create hype.
➽ If you say ‘like’ sparingly, it can actually serve a purpose to defuse a statement rather than be filler. Or be a pause. You know how to use ‘like’, I don’t have to tell you.
➽ Emojis are your friend. That’s really the type of cliche I suggest avoiding but I’ll leave it for examples sake.
➽ Other optics matter, like the dope arrow points in this post.
➽ For me, it’s all about going over**** my writing to hear how it reads and adjusting it to make it flow. Often you can think of a better word if you just give it a moment of thought. It’s helped me to Google the meaning of words heaps. Even words you know sometimes if you want clarity on what makes it distinct from its synonyms, but always consider what it means to you before you hear Google’s opinion.
➽ Hip Hop in general has influenced how I write, in how, as I’ve said before, it’s all about making your words sound good, doing something new or doing your own thing. I’m sure many people feel like this about poetry but if it doesn’t slap I can’t hear it.
➽ Rap music has made me think more about the rhythm and phrasing of my words. Artists like Gucci, Andre 3000 and Mozzy who always phrase things in a slightly off way. Embracing your own voice. Much of the rhythmic principles of rapping are in writing. The art form is pure and perfect, all the flaws are the fault of capitalism.
➽ ‘Linguistic prescriptivism is white supremacy’ – tweet by Noz. There is no correct way to say something as long as you can communicate your message. The idea of proper English is usually coded with racism, classism or just general elitism but really doesn’t hold any water logically. You can still utilise grammar and punctuation, gives you even more power, without constraining yourself with the rules. I believe you should learn grammar then completely unlearn it, or learn a different language cause English is pretty stupid. Slang is the peak of language: repurposed, stylised, community-coded and often capable of communicating things in a better way than formal English could.
➽ Focus on the substance of the message and either appreciate or ignore the design. So many common feelings are based on conditioned prejudices we’ve never stopped to analyse critically.

This all kinda elucidates why & what I’m passionate about more broadly. Lot of the lessons apply to other things, general chit chat, life etc.

*always good to defuse these more pleading or narcissistic moments with some humour. but I shan’t share any more of my secrets.
**it’s that time of the early morning where that codeine crazy by future be hittin and i’m struggling to finish . the song is the medicine that he’s describing. it’s a light song not a dark song; best enjoyed with the sun beaming in, shining on the milky chamber in the glass double cup like a glacier in the morning sun
*** Glorious is a word I’ve been loving recently. So suitably glorious. I feel like it aptly describes the wonder of Empty by Janet Jackson.
**** Here is an example of where I originally had written ‘re-reading’ but changed it to ‘going over’. Does it work? Who knows but it meant I didn’t say ‘read’ twice in quick succession. Backspace is my most used key. A million little changes on this post alone.

Don’t know who tf I think I am giving out writing advice like I’m Morris Gleitzman or something but 50 likes will change a man.

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