‘Tell me, what’s the difference ‘tween a dream and a plan?’

Vibe out to this 😝 a vibey one with a fair bit of meaning and a whole lot of heart.

Produced by none other than Steve Lacy! Immaculate beat, smooth as all hell. Quadry the God skips around on it, going from conversational rapping to bouncy spitting to real fly, groovy singing. The beat almost sounds like a RHCP song and I would be willing to bet Quadry’s favourite rapper is Andre 3000. In the first verse, he meditates on the progress of black liberation, while on the second verse he gives a smooth but brisk montage of moments with his and girl and in the studio, with an overall feelin’ of Quad’ trynna find his way.

I listened to his tape. It’s pretty dope most of the time, very JID-like, but I think it’s gonna be tough to match this song. First I’ve heard by him. Gonna keep diggin. Definitely got a lot of stylistic flair, strong writer, lotta heart. At times over-ambitious and a bit all over the place on this album? Not a criticism I like. Some other good ones: Pirelli, Wesley (for my son).

J.I.D.’s success could be the biggest thing from stopping Quadry from blowing up, or it could be the biggest thing that helps him if people are thirsting for more. Cause their voices are crazy similar sometimes. Both great rap voices.

Honestly, someone should be able to retire after releasing something this perfect. If they want to.

On my couch, at my house

Talkin’ ’bout diamond rings

Summer night, parents out

Air it out, something’s changed

Yeah, I can feel it from a distance

But I can’t hear it in yo’ eyes

I knew you just through to kick it

It was something different when you arrived

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