…and you can’t duck this smoke.

YouTube algorithm really been treating the mandem well this afternoon.

Bleak story raps from London rapper Knucks over a dizzying, jazzy instrumental. Man has such a nice voice and looks well peng in the video kicking poignant raps about mumsie, his girl Anna and a night soured by a knife. Simply superb and produced by Knucks himself, with saxophone from Malik Venner.

I didn’t waste any lines in ‘Home’. Every line is to tell the story or make you understand the character, like: “Made in the manor / I take off my DSquared2 top that I rock and I place on a hanger.” You would think that I’m just saying, I took off the shirt I wore and put it on a hanger. But I said DSquared2 because, for one: I’m not talking about myself because I don’t wear DSquared; and two: to let you know what kind of person I’m talking about.


Sonically, it’s different to most of the music it shares subject matter with and this more old-school sounds seems to be his drawcard. Someone in the comments said ‘this that educated roadman music’. Someone else said ‘this feels like drill meets jazz’. I don’t know UK rap well so can’t offer much insight. He’s got a tape from last year called ‘NRG 105‘ if you want to hear more.

‘Now I’m staring at an open door

Marj in the hallway, balling

Talking how I’m gonna get home by four

Big man at 17 can’t be stuck up my home no more

Mom saying stuff about openin’ up

But that’s what the bros are for’

Knucks "HOME" Video Feature — Stööki

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