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Jay ElectiZa

Jay Electronica has had one of the most anticipated and mysteriously unreleased debut albums for about 10 years now. Turns out he’s scrapped that album and has now dropped a collab album with Jay-Z instead. Nothin makin sense rn.

The hype was deserved: the album is incredible. Jay Elec is one-of-a-kind and few are coming close to his wordplay. He’s a member of the Nation of Islam and his faith is often at the centre of his raps along with other theological references. He says stuff you don’t usually hear in rap songs which is always great. Undercuts the wild, ambitious concepts with a smirky charm. Jay-Z has no right being this good after all these years but he really is when he actually tries. That said, the better moments come when it feels like Jay Elec is steering the ship rather than the other way round. Production is diverse and immaculate. Nice to hear Hov over Alchemist production for the first time on this super smooth track. Highly recommended.

If you enjoy, go learn Jay E’s life story. Man married a Rothschild.

From a hard place and a rock to the Roc Nation of Islam
I emerged on the wave that Tidal made to drop bombs
I came to bang with the scholars
And I bet you a Rothschild I get a bang for my dollar
The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar

Jay Electronica.
The Nation of Islam is pretty anti-semitic, I can’t tell if some of his shit is low-key as well.




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