A non-rap offering from Bay Area neo-soul/dream pop artist Samplelov. This is such a gentle, soothing album. Like a warm cup of honey-lemon tea or a soft pillow to lay your head. Perhaps good music for rainy quarantine. The lyrics and instrumentation are soft and very nice – lots of lovely acoustic guitar – but it’s the intimacy of her voice that makes it special. Samplelov does everything herself.

This album is an ode to our inner child, our duality, our friends and family, our lovers, ourselves.


Standouts are Projections, 3000, Mango Juice and 22. There’s also a super smooth instrumental cover of Everybody Loves The Sunshine. Overall, very pleasant front-to-back – so many beautiful and painful moments. A self-affirming whisper.

Plot summary.

Just learnt that she’s dating Ovrkast, who has produced for Earl and Mavi and also released a very tender ‘lo-fi’ project earlier this year with features from Mavi and Navy Blue. Soft, introspective raps over great beats. The diary of a bedroom-bound lover whose letting themselves down by not living up to what they know they’re capable of.

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